Update on hail repairs - Chifley Library

04 Nov 2022

The 2020 hailstorm caused damage to many buildings on the ANU campus, including ANU Library buildings. 

Work to repair the Chifley Library roof is currently taking place. 

Below is an update on works and what can be expected during this process. All timeframes are approximate, and there may be delays depending on weather conditions and other site factors. 

Update on work

  • Scaffolding continued to be installed over the past fortnight,with installation nearly close to completion. 
  • Some time was lost due to the poor weather conditions. 
  • A crane was onsite on Saturday 30 October to raise the height of the scaffolding. 

Upcoming work 

  • Work will recommence on 21 November, after exams have finished. 
  • After scaffolding has been finished, work will commence on the roofing component starting with the metal flat section, followed by the copper sections. 
  • Library staff are working with the construction team to determine what areas of Level 4 will need to be blocked-off during construction. A retrieval service will likely be established so books are still accessible to library users. More information will be provided once this has been finalised.

Access to Chifley Library 

  • The Chifley Library will remain open and have staff available to assist you during this period. 
  • Please use the main entrance off the bridge from Kambri, as access is not permitted via the balcony. 
  • Pay attention to all signs and listen to any directions provided by ANU Security. These are provided for your safety.
  • There will be periods of loud metal-on-metal banging while scaffolding is installed. We recommend you use one of our other branches during this time if quiet study is preferred.  

The ANU Library thanks you for your support and patience during this process. 

Please get in touch with Library staff if you have any questions or concerns.