Update on hail repairs - Chifley Library

07 Dec 2022

The 2020 hailstorm caused damage to many buildings on the ANU campus, including ANU Library buildings. 

Work to repair the Chifley Library roof is currently taking place. Below is an update on works and what can be expected during this process. All timeframes are approximate, and there may be delays depending on weather conditions and other site factors. 


Update on work

  • A portion of the southern-side roof has been removed and replaced with new tapered battens and roof sheets.
  • The hazmat team has continued to remove the hazardous bitumen membrane.
  • Additional safety mesh has been installed to the top of the scaffolding for extra protection.

Upcoming work

  • Roofing work and hazmat removals will continue.

Access to Chifley Level 4

  • Level 4 of Chifley has been blocked off for safety purposes and will remain inaccessible throughout the construction period. If you require resources from Level 4, please submit a retrieval request.

Thank you for your patience during this process. 

Please get in touch with Library staff if you have any questions or concerns.