Update on rebuilding the JB Chifley Library collection - December 2022

01 Dec 2022

February 2023 is the 5th anniversary of the 2018 Chifley Library Flood. The program for replacement of the monograph, reference, and serial collections is almost complete.

In 2023, the focus will be on microform, audio visual, and government documents. Working closely with Library vendors, the ANU Library has been very fortunate to be able to purchase many major collections to enable replacement of lost flood resources and significantly increase the collection in subject areas where material was lost. 

Feedback received from academics in the disciplines most affected by the flood – history and philosophy – has enabled the Library to give the highest priority to the monographs and reference works in those disciplines.

Over 14 million items have now been acquired through the flood replacement project.


In November, the Library ordered an extremely significant collection of 46 e-book packages from De Gruyter, created by the combination of titles from 15 prestigious university presses. The package includes the complete e-book archives, back files, and contemporary titles (2014-2017) published. In total, there is access to 54,682 Digital Rights Management (DRM) free e-book titles with unlimited concurrent user access included in this package, with outstanding coverage of subject areas affected by the flood. 595 of the titles directly replace material lost in the flood, while the remaining titles provide additional subject coverage. 

The titles in this collection are from the following publishers:

De Gruyter: University Press Library e-book packages

Number of titles

Columbia University Press: Archive, 1658-1999


Columbia University Press: Backfile, 2000-2013


Columbia University Press: Contemporary, 2014-2017


Cornell University Press: Archive, 1930-1999


Cornell University Press: Backfile, 2000-2013


Cornell University Press: Contemporary, 2014-2017


Duke University Press: Archive, 1964-1999


Duke University Press: Backfile, 2000-2013


Duke University Press: Contemporary, 2014-2017


Edinburgh University Press: Archive, 19XX-1999


[Digitisation in progress]


Edinburgh University Press: Backfile, 2000-2013


[Digitisation in progress]


Edinburgh University Press: Contemporary, 2014-2017


[Digitisation in progress]


Fordham University Press: Archive, 1962-1999


New York University Press: Archive, 1977-1999


Fordham University Press: Backfile, 2000-2013


New York University Press: Backfile, 2000-2013


Fordham University Press & NYU Press: Contemporary, 2014-2017


Harvard University Press: Archive, 1893-1999


Harvard University Press: Backfile, 2000-2013


Harvard University Press: Contemporary, 2014-2017


Penn State University Press: Backfile & Archive, 19XX-2014


Penn State University Press: Contemporary, 2014-2017


Princeton University Press: Archive, 1927-1999


Princeton University Press: Backfile, 2000-2013


Princeton University Press: Contemporary, 2014-2017


Rutgers University Press: Archive, 1959-1999


Rutgers University Press: Backfile, 2000-2013


Rutgers University Press: Contemporary, 2014-2017


Stanford University Press: Archive, 19XX-1999


Stanford University Press: Backfile, 2000-2013


Stanford University Press: Contemporary, 2014-2017


University of California Press: Archive, 1928-1999


University of California Press: Backfile, 2000-2013


University of California Press: Contemporary, 2014-2017


University of Chicago Press: Archive, 1890-1999


[Digitisation in progress]


University of Chicago Press: Backfile, 2000-2013


University of Chicago Press: Contemporary, 2014-2018


University of Pennsylvania Press: Archive, 1898-1999


University of Pennsylvania Press: Backfile, 2000-2013


University of Pennsylvania Press: Contemporary, 2014-2017


University of Toronto Press: Archive, 1928-1999


University of Toronto Press: Backfile, 2000-2013


University of Toronto Press: Contemporary, 2014-2017


Yale University Press: Archive, 1959-1999


Yale University Press: Backfile, 2000-2013


Yale University Press: Contemporary, 2014-2017


The acquisition of this e-book package will complete the monograph and reference collection in this area of the flood replacement project with the exceptions:

  • Australian works – a joint project with the National Library of Australia to digitise the titles lost in the flood will occur in 2023.
  • Theses - additional digitised titles will be sourced from ProQuest in 2023.
  • Regular donations and the odd bookseller offer.

Other formats

Work is continuing to purchase serial, audio-visual, and microform replacements - to be completed in 2023. 

Resources acquired since the previous update

Many print and online resources have been made available through the ANU Library Catalogue during the second semester of 2022 as a result of collection replacement and rebuilding, including:

Monograph and reference collections

  • Taylor & Francis, e-books collection 122 Digital Rights Management (DRM) free titles.
  • YBP, e-books and print collection 342 titles.
  • Various Australian and international booksellers, 487 print books.

Serial collection

Significant serial databases have been purchased and added to our collections providing broader and more in-depth coverage for each subject area, these include:

British Library Newspapers : Part VI: Ireland, 1783-1950

The Irish newspapers included in this collection represent a range of perspectives, both national and provincial. Many of the newspapers have not been digitised before, allowing researchers to construct new and original analysis by offering voices that have been marginalised in previous discourse.

Cambridge Journals Digital Archive

Drawing on more than 450 journals, 1.2 million articles, and over 6 million pages of rich content, Cambridge Journals Digital Archive offers a vast and user-friendly resource that allows researchers to place current research in historical context. 

Financial Times Historical Archive 1888-2021

The Financial Times Historical Archive delivers the complete online fully searchable run of the world's most authoritative daily business newspaper from its first issue through 2021. Initially focused on the global financial and economic issues that were to become the predominant forces of the twentieth century, the Financial Times expanded coverage in the post-war years, reporting on topics such as industry, energy, and international politics. In more recent decades, coverage of management, personal finance, and the arts have been added.

MARG Magazine Archive Collection 1946-2020

The MARG magazine publishes pioneering work on Indian arts, architecture, poetry, urbanism and film since 1946. Intended by its founder Mulk Raj Anand as a loose encyclopaedia of the arts of India and related civilisations, it has turned into a periodical that is published until today. MARG is acclaimed for its high standards of production and editorship, as well as its lavishly illustrated content.

Periodicals Archive Online

Periodicals Archive Online offers full text access to the international scholarly literature of the humanities and social science disciplines. The database contains the full backfiles of 770 journals in 37 key subject areas and multiple languages. Coverage is from volume 1 issue 1 of each journal and issues are digitised from cover to cover.

The Far Eastern Economic Review (1946-2009)

The Far Eastern Economic Review was devoted to many facets of the Asia-Pacific region, including politics, economics, international relations, and the arts/culture. Following an initial emphasis on China and Hong Kong, the scope of the magazine’s coverage subsequently expanded to encompass other regions and countries, including Japan, India and Australia, as well as smaller Asian states. The Far Eastern Economic Review Archive offer users electronic access to the full run of this influential and renowned English-language newsweekly comprising almost 3,000 issues, from its launch in 1946 to 2009. By making more than six decades of content easily accessible, the archive allows researchers to take a historical approach to understanding contemporary political economy in Asian states and to trace the major financial, commercial, political, and social developments during this period.

Wiley Journal Backfiles

Covering the complete range of scientific, technical, medical, business, humanities and social science disciplines, Wiley Journal Backfiles titles extend to Volume 1, Issue 1, and include issues dating as far back as the 18th century. Articles are presented as full-text PDFs with XML-based headers, abstracts, and references which take users to related material published both before and after the citing articles.

Archival and primary resources collections

Archives Unbound: Association Against the Prohibition Amendment (1920-53)

The Association Against the Prohibition Amendment (AAPA) and the Women’s Organization for National Prohibition Reform (WONPR) were in the forefront of the movement to repeal Prohibition. The AAPA was founded in 1918 and by 1926 claimed a membership of 750,000. In 1928 the association began a sophisticated publicity campaign against Prohibition. It was joined by the WONPR, founded in 1929 by Pauline Morton Sabin, who rallied over one million women to the cause. After the anti-Prohibition organisations celebrated repeal in 1933, they disbanded, and their records were scattered. The papers of the AAPA published here were gleaned from the personal files of Pierre S. du Pont, his brother Irénée, and John Raskob. The WONPR papers come from the files of Alice Belin du Pont, who was active in that group. The entire collection includes the following: correspondence, minutes, financial reports, membership lists, records of lobbying activities, and publications and press releases issued by the AAPA and WONPR.

Archives Unbound: Federal Surveillance of African Americans, 1920-1984

Throughout the twentieth century Black Americans of all political persuasions were subject to federal scrutiny, harassment, and prosecution. The Federal Bureau of Investigation enlisted black "confidential special informants" to infiltrate a variety of organisations. Hundreds of documents in this collection were originated by such operatives. The reports provide a wealth of detail on "Negro" radicals and their organisations. In addition to infiltration, the FBI contributed to the infringement of First Amendment freedoms by making its agents a constant visible presence at radical rallies and meetings.

Archives Unbound: Industrial Mobilization in Britain and the Ministry of Munitions, 1915-1918

This standard reference source on the unprecedented industrial mobilisation of an entire economy to fight the war of 1914-1918 is essential for anyone who wants to study the economics behind World War I, the career of David Lloyd George and the process of state intervention in industry. 

Archives Unbound: The Official and Confidential Files of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

The 164 files reproduced in this collection were collected and maintained in Hoover's own office during his directorship, from 1924 to 1972. This collection contains extensive documentation, mostly derogatory, on such figures as John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. Several of the files also concern controversial FBI activities, such as attempts to discredit the civil rights movement.

British Literary Manuscripts Online - Part 1: c. 1660-1900

This collection presents facsimile images of literary manuscripts — including letters and diaries, drafts of poems, plays, novels, essay, journals, and more — from the Restoration through the Victorian era. It encompasses extensive materials related to major British literary figures from the Bronte sisters to Sir Walter Scott to Oscar Wilde.

British Literary Manuscripts Online -Part 2: Medieval and Renaissance

This collection offers students and researchers unprecedented online access to rare manuscripts from the Medieval and Early Modern periods, c.1100 to 1660. Users can explore a rich tapestry of letters, poems, stories, plays, chronicles, religious writings, and commonplace books through searchable online catalogue records. Scholars will find important cultural and historical sources, like the 1488 manuscripts of Barbour's Life and Acts of Robert the Bruce.

China and the Modern World: Imperial China and the West Part 1 (1815-1881)

Digitised from British Foreign Office Files at the UK National Archives, Part 1 of Imperial China and the West provides General Correspondence relating to China from 1815-1881. The primary source material from the FO 17 series provides a vast and significant resource for researching every aspect of Anglo Chinese relations during the 19th century, ranging from diplomacy and war, to trade, piracy, riots and rebellions within China, international law and foreign affairs.

China and the Modern World: Imperial China and the West Part 2 (1865-1905)

Digitised primarily from the British Foreign Office Files FO 17 Series together with several volumes of Law Officers’ reports from the FO 83 series, this archive provides scholars with valuable insight and detail into every aspect of Chinese-Western relations during 1865-1905, ranging from diplomacy to trade/economy, politics, military, Chinese emigration, law, and translation and language studies.

Church Missionary Society Archive

This module is a rich repository of source materials on the work of the Church Missionary Society, a globally influential organisation, founded in 1799 as an Anglican evangelical movement and still active today. It includes records of both the CMS and the many other missionary societies which have become associated or amalgamated with it over its lifetime. Scholars of missionary and global history will find this collection an invaluable research source.

Nineteenth Century Collections Online: Science, Technology, and Medicine Part II

This extensive collection includes a rich array of topics from leading libraries, including: Natural History (500,000 pages of monographs from the Huntington Library); The Rise of Public Health in England and Wales (300,000 manuscript pages from the National Archives in England); and Academies of Science Publications (two million pages of periodicals from Brill). The archive supplements other published resources (such as Making of the Modern World, Parts I & II) and supports enhanced "scientific literacy." Using the archive, scholars will be able to analyse technical and conceptual dimensions of scientific knowledge -- from physics to psychoanalysis to macroeconomics. Diversity of coverage ensures an expansive, integrated, global view of science and technology from a critical era of scientific development.

Nineteenth Century Collections Online: Women and Transnational Networks

Using a wide array of primary source documents - serials, books, manuscripts, diaries, reports, and visuals - Women: Transnational Networks focuses on issues at the intersection of gender and class from the late 18th century to the era of suffrage in the early 20th century, all through a transnational perspective. The collection contains deep information on European and North American movements, but also expands its scope to include collections from other regions. Researchers and scholars will find rare content related to social reform movements and groups, high and "low" culture, literature and the arts, immigration, daily life, religion and more.

Nineteenth Century UK Periodicals, Part 2: Empire

This collection turns its attention to the role Britain played beyond its own borders as an imperial power throughout the nineteenth century. Complete runs of 170 periodicals chart a century in which Britain extended its influence, reaching new heights of empire building. Sourced from the British Library, the National Library of Scotland, and the National Library of Australia, the collection contains periodicals from Australia, Canada, Ceylon, India, New Zealand, and South Africa.

The Making of the Modern World - Part I: The Goldsmiths'-Kress Collection, 1450–1850

This collection offers ways of understanding the expansion of world trade, the Industrial Revolution, and the development of modern capitalism, supporting research in variety of disciplines. The module follows the development of the modern western world through the lens of trade and wealth – the driving force behind many of the major historical events during the period (1450-1850). Users have access to an abundance of rare books and primary source materials, many of which are the only known copy of the work.

The Making of the World - Part II: 1851–1914

This collection traces the progress of the rapidly changing economies of the nineteenth century. The breadth and depth of the collection deepens researchers' access to international coverage of nineteenth-century social, economic, and business history as well as political science, technology, industrialisation, and the birth of the modern corporation.

The Making of the World - Part III: 1890–1945

This collection covers the key events that have shaped the modern world in the twentieth century. Beyond the study of economic thought, the module provides an invaluable resource for the studying of social forces unleashed by the economy.

The Making of the World - Part IV: 1800-1890

This collection offers definitive coverage of the “Age of Capital,” the industrial revolution, and the High Victorian Era, when the foundations of modern-day capitalism and global trade were established. The module includes hard-to-reach formats such as plans and pamphlets. This technically challenging material is now surfacing and offering original study resources to researchers.


The digitisation of the Australian Bureau of Statistics microfiche material lost in the flood is underway and will be completed in 2023.


Over 4,000 books have been donated to the Library since the flooding incident. All the items have been catalogued and are available for borrowing from the J.B. Chifley branch. We continue to work with donors and the list of Chifley flood-affected titles remains online for consultation.

Requesting flood replacement material

The ANU Library welcomes suggestions for purchases to replace items that were lost in the flood, or titles that will enhance and build our collections.

If you require any material that was destroyed by the flood and has not yet been replaced, please get in touch. We will prioritise your request and try to locate an interim copy until a replacement is found.

Visit the ANU Library website to view JB Chifley flood collection rebuilding updates.