Increasing access to your university's publications through HathiTrust

This session focuses on how you can work with HathiTrust to understand the publications already digitised and held in the database and how you can work with HathiTrust to open up access. It will include a great presentation from HathiTrust staff covering:

  • Basic facts about HathiTrust
  • Information on their "default" copyright status assessments. Methods they employ to open works, e.g. copyright review, application of creative commons licenses
  • HathiTrust’s experience in getting university publications open in general
  • Support/reports that can be provide that may help to ID works

A case study will be presented on opening up work from the Australian National University including:

  • The process of obtaining information from the university’s perspective
  • Checking – some tips and tricks (what to do when you get thousands of items in your list)
  • How to work with your copyright officer
  • Risks (such as commercially published material)
  • Opening up access

Some other aspects to think about

  • Putting the records into your federated search system
  • Putting the record into your catalogue (not there yet quite a few complex issues)
  • Copies – collecting digital copies for your repository – can we use section 200AB (again a work in progress)
  • What about other resources – report on working with government (also a work in progress)