Journal Publishing - Springer Nature 2019

As presented at ANU on 9 September 2019.

Learn more about the process of academic publishing in this presentation by international publishing company Springer Nature.

Anton Van Rensburg, Editor at Springer Nature, will discuss the process of publishing, including:

  • What does an editor look for in a manuscript?
  • What does a good Original Research Article look like?
  • What is the Editorial Process?
  • How to properly revise a paper
  • Journal selection and Open Access

There will also be time for a Q&A with Anton following his presentation.

About the speaker

Based in Springer Nature’s Sydney office, Anton van Rensburg is the Editor for the Adis journal Clinical Pharmacokinetics. Anton studied Medical Entomology in South Africa and then left research to work in the pharmaceutical industry. He joined Adis in 2006 working in the Adis Drug Evaluation Programme, and was appointed Editor of Adis’ first Open Access journal, Drugs in R&D in 2010 before taking up his current role in 2015.