Discover the location, collections and contacts for each of our specialised library branches.

Art & Music Library

Art & Music Library »

Located in the School of Art and Design, the Art & Music Library provides collections and services to support staff and students at the School of...
Chifley Library

Chifley Library »

The Chifley Library, named after Joseph Benedict Chifley (Prime Minister of Australia from 1945-1949), supports the teaching, learning and research...
Hancock Building

Hancock Library »

The WK Hancock Building is known as Hancock Library and provides material from most areas of science; engineering; computer; cybernetics; technology...
Law Library

Law Library »

The Law Library provides a wide range of legal resources for staff and students of the Australian National University. Our Law subject guides are a...
Menzies Library

Menzies Library »

The RG Menzies Building, known as the Menzies Library, is the hub of the Library's Asia Pacific focused services. The Menzies Library is a heritage-...
ANU Print Repository building

ANU Print Repository »

The ANU Print Repository comprises 3,284m2 of floor space, most of which is allocated to shelving. Library staff manage the collection and visitors...