Digital Engagement and Creativity Hub - The Deck

The Digital Engagement and Creativity Hub is a self-service space designed to encourage collaboration and innovation, and provide students and academics access to high-end technology they can use in new and innovative ways.

Nicknamed ‘The Deck’, this BYO device room is a space to explore and share digital skills, ideas and outputs. It provides computers, a scanner, map printer and flexible workspaces that can be used for collaborative research and study.

Located on the entry level of the JB Chifley Library, The Deck also hosts lunchtime classes to help improve practices for educators, academics and students. Don’t forget to bring your own mobile digital device!

Tech Time with Grazia Scotellaro

These sessions are designed to discover and play with a wide range of online resources and apps for education.

Information Analytics

  • What IS Text and Data Mining? (Wednesday 30 October 12:15 - 12:45pm)
    • Text and data mining (TDM) is the process of extracting information from large quantities of machine-readable material, in order to gain a deeper understand of its worth and significance. This session will introduce you to TDM, and take you through the resources available in the ANU Library to help you better understand and be a part of this exciting area of digital scholarship – with Tom Foley.

  • Text and Data Mining with JSTOR (Tuesday 12 November 12:15 - 12:45pm)

    • Embedded data visualisation and text analysis tools are offered by a number of the ANU Library’s digital providers. Come along and we’ll explore the TDM possibilities already available to you via the digital journal and e-Book platform, “JSTOR” – with Anne Newton.

    • NB: moved to Chifley Flex Lab 1 (upstairs from The Deck)

Digital Life and Connectivity

  • Managing your Digital Footprint (Wednesday 6 November 1:15 - 2pm)
    • Learn how to protect your privacy and promote yourself online. This workshop takes you through the process of analysing your current digital footprint, cleaning up your social media accounts, protecting your reputation online, and putting your best (digital) footprint forward. Just think, when a potential employer Googles you, what will they see? – with Terra Starbird

  • Video Consulting & Interviews using Zoom (Thursday 21 November 1:15 - 2pm)

    • In this workshop we'll learn about using ANU Zoom Video Conferencing, which focuses on collaboration between users through audio/video communication, recording, and screen sharing. ANU academics, staff, and students are all eligible to create their own Zoom meeting room to host meetings. Learn how to access your account, schedule and manage meetings, and make the most of Zoom – with Candida Spence

    • NB: moved to Room 3.02, Marie Reay Teaching Centre, 155 University Avenue