Appealing a decision of the Library

The University Librarian is responsible for making decisions in relation to the services delivered by the Library. The Information Infrastructure and Services Rules from Council confer this authority.

In particular, the University Librarian may make decisions in regard to the return of items borrowed; a failure to pay a fine; loss of any items borrowed; damage to items, and the conduct of Library users. Library fines or penalties may be imposed for infringements.

If you are dissatisfied with a decision about a penalty you may appeal against this decision by making a submission to the University Librarian or his agent or to the Appeals Committee established under the Information Infrastructure and Services Rules.

Application to appeal a decision

You may appeal a decision by completing the below electronic form, or printing and completing the fines and appeals form at the bottom of the fines and charges page. Items more than four weeks overdue are deemed to be lost.

Personal details
Appeal details

If the decision relates to a fine please complete the details below. If the items have been returned please attach a Statutory Declaration stating that the items have been returned.

If this appeal is unsuccessful you may lodge an appeal with the Information Infrastructure and Service Appeals Committee within 20 working days.

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