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About the Catalogue

The Library Catalogue contains all items and subscriptions owned or licensed by the ANU Library.

The Catalogue search is a subset of SuperSearch using filters to limit results to only Library Catalogue resources.

Catalogue records hold all the information about an item and are displayed in three parts:

  • title/author, publisher and edition
  • access information
  • further details.

Each item in the Catalogue has a call number telling you where an item can be found within a specific Library branch.

Search tips

Simple search

  • Enter your search on the homepage—you can use a phrase, a few words, or something complex.
  • Selecting Search lets you choose another type of search—for example title, author, subject, ISBN/ISSN.
  • Selecting Include lets you can choose a different scope of material to search—for example electronic only, journals only, electronic journals.
  • Once results have been generated, select a title for more details.
  • To email results to yourself, select the check box for the results you want and select save marked records to email them to yourself or print them out. 

Improving results

  • Filter results by Library to locate physical holdings in a specific Library branch.
  • Narrow your search topic—in the Keyword search, use more specific words or add words using AND.
  • Broaden your search—in the Keyword search, combine synonyms, related terms or ideas using OR.
  • Consider alternative spellings and variant word endings—in the Keyword search, find these using wildcard and truncation symbols, for example colo?r,comput*.
  • Use a Subject search to find related material.