Reconciliation week – Launch of Indigenous Knowledges Hub

29 May 2024

This National Reconciliation Week we are pleased to launch a new website dedicated to supporting the Graduate Attribute of ensuring ANU students are given “Insight into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ knowledges and Indigenous peoples’ perspectives” through their ANU curriculum.

The Indigenous Knowledges Hub brings together materials from across the Scholarly Information Services (SIS) Division, which encompasses the Library, Archives, Press, CartoGIS, and Open Research Repository.

These extraordinarily rich collections reflect many different aspects of Indigenous Australian’s history since white settlement. Our collections have grown over more than 75 years to include maps, audio visual material, theses, published works, unpublished manuscripts, records of businesses and trade unions that give insights into the knowledge and experiences of Indigenous Australians. 

Resources are either by Indigenous authors and creators; focused on Indigenous Australian approaches and perspectives; or about Indigenous Australian cultures, languages, or histories.

About the Indigenous Knowledges Hub

The hub is designed to support ANU teaching staff in identifying and using resources that will enable them to acknowledge and incorporate Indigenous perspectives and sources into their teaching. 

The hub is dynamic and will continue to have information and resources added. We welcome your suggestions about resources we should add and how we can improve the site to ensure it is a valuable resource. 

What’s in the hub? 

Resources on the hub include: 

  • video introductions to key collections from the Library, Archives, Press, Open Research and CartoGIS 
  • curated collections of materials 
  • guides to resources created by subject specialists from the Library and Archives 
  • links to key collections that are relevant to understanding Indigenous perspectives and experiences.

"Congratulations to staff from Scholarly Information Services for developing a guide to assist the community to access the many treasures that will support implementation of our graduate attribute Insight into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ Knowledges and Indigenous Peoples’ Perspectives. Their dedication to working with the whole community to increase knowledge and capabilities is an extremely important contribution to the evolution of indigenous knowledge in education in the university."

>> Professor Grady Venville, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

How we are supporting Reconciliation

The hub is just one of the ways SIS is helping meet the commitments of the ANU Reconciliation Action Plan. ANU recognises that the past two centuries of dispossession and racism have profoundly impacted all aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander life, including access to institutions like ANU. 

The University's vision for reconciliation is to be a place that facilitates learning that respects cultures and diversity: a place where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people come together to engage with their chosen discipline, contextualised by an understanding of our shared history. 

SIS support this vision and purpose by ensuring ANU Indigenous materials are made more accessible through the digitisation of records and research and the promotion of or Indigenous holdings. Our staff are working with educators to incorporate Indigenous collections into curriculum and have created subject guides to highlight and promote collections containing Indigenous perspectives and knowledges.

Celebrating National Reconciliation Week

In celebration of National Reconciliation Week 2024, Chifley Library is featuring a special book display with the theme ‘Now More Than Ever.’ This display highlights a range of books by First Nations authors, covering topics like reconciliation, history, and culture. These books offer valuable insights into the journey towards reconciliation in Australia. We invite you to explore these titles and learn more about the heritage and perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

The display contains items from the Reconciliation Collection Highlights reading list.

Looking forward

SIS will continue looking for ways to support and promote Indigenous peoples’ voices and perspectives. We respectfully acknowledge and celebrate their unique knowledge, experience and understanding of the land and society we share. 

In remembering and acknowledging the wrongs committed against Indigenous Australians, we hope to move closer to achieving a genuine reconciliation and enabling historical wounds to heal. As the theme for this Reconciliation Week highlights, it is essential for us to do our part in facilitating reconciliation by building relationships, respect and trust between the wider Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, now more than ever.