Update on hail repairs - Chifley Library

23 Nov 2022

The 2020 hailstorm caused damage to many buildings on the ANU campus, including ANU Library buildings.

Work to repair the Chifley Library roof is currently taking place.

Below is an update on works and what can be expected during this process. All timeframes are approximate, and there may be delays depending on weather conditions and other site factors.

Update on work

  • Work restarted following the hiatus during exams.
  • The construction team has continued with the installation of scaffolding, which will be finished by this weekend in time for roofing to commence.

Upcoming work

  • On Thursday 24 November, the hazmat team will be onsite to remove a strip of tar with small amounts of asbestos between the roof and one of the rafters.
  • A 250-tonne crane will be onsite Saturday 26 November to assist with loading roofing materials and removing a redundant mech unit from the roof. Many trucks will be onsite to assist with the delivery of roof sheets, batons, new insulation, wire and other materials. ACT Fire and Rescue have been advised and alternative arrangements are in place in case access is needed to Joplin Lane.
  • Sprinkler heads in the underside of the roof will be replaced with fast response sprinklers. Installation dates are to be confirmed.

Access to Level 4

  • The top floor of Chifley (Level 4) will be inaccessible during construction.
  • If you require resources from Level 4 during construction, there will be a retrieval service. More details will be posted tomorrow.

Pay attention to all signs and listen to any directions provided by library staff and ANU Security. These are provided for your safety. 

The ANU Library thanks you for your support and patience during this process.   

Please get in touch with Library staff if you have any questions or concerns.


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