The University requires that all users respect the licensing conditions for computer software on all devices they use - either on campus or on off-site devices provided by the University, for example laptops.

You should not:

  • download software unless you are sure the licence for the software has been purchased for your use, or that no license is required
  • copy licensed software from your University device for use at home unless the licence allows this
  • use the software in ways that breach the licensing conditions

Frequently asked questions

If the terms of the licence are unclear, how can I obtain a 'plain English' interpretation?

If the suppliers cannot provide a written document or adequate telephone advice, contact the ANU Software team at, so that they can attempt to get the information for you. They may then publish this information for the benefit of other ANU users.

What about backup copies? Are they classified as pirated software?

Backups are not made for the purpose of being used. They are a part of the efficient management of an IT service. This is usually covered in the licence conditions.

Is the University responsible for software brought in by visitors?

Visitors, postgraduate students, or new staff bringing software from their home institution must ensure it is licensed for use at ANU. Areas should make sure visitors are aware of this requirement. If the visitor, student or staff member knowingly infringes copyright, the University may not indemnify them.

Can the University check my device for pirated software?

Yes. The University has the right to audit University-owned devices, and devices connected to the University network, and to order the removal of unlicensed software.

Does a site licence for certain software mean that I can download a copy without paying for it?

No. For information on site licences, contact the ANU Software team at

Do I need to pay for Shareware?

Yes. Check with your Business Office about the most efficient way of doing this.