Classic childrens books continue to delight

27 October 2016

As a research tool today...the possibilities are endless!

Over a number of years in the 1970s, the ANU Library expanded its academic collection in a somewhat unusual direction—children’s literature.

Acquired from an antiquarian bookseller in London, Mr Harold Mortlake, the Mortlake Collection consists of approximately ten thousand volumes of material read in England during the Victorian age including 19th century Gothic literature and rare juvenile books.

University Librarian, Roxanne Missingham, said this collection is not only incredibly unique and rare, but its social significance is unquestionable.

“The Collection brings to light aspects of life in England from about 1780 to 1914.

“As a research tool today these items are multidisciplinary. They could appeal to historians, social scientists, artists, as well as researchers interested in philosophy, religion, classical literature or even politics. The possibilities are endless!”

Copies of the new colouring book can be picked up in any Library branch or downloaded from the University's Open Research Repository.