ACTUAL reciprocal borrowing services

To improve co-operation and resource sharing between academic libraries in the ACT the academic librarians group (ACTUAL) has agreed to vary the existing arrangements between the individual libraries. The purpose of the scheme is to allow staff and students, who need to pursue their research in greater breadth and depth than is provided for by their home institution, to better utilise the wealth of material held in ACT academic libraries.

University Libraries of Australia & New Zealand (ULANZ)

Students and staff of universities outside the membership of ACTUAL that are members of the AVCC, will be eligible to borrow from any ACTUAL member library under the University Library Australia. The NBS came into effect 1 July 2001.

Academic staff

Bona fide members of the Academic Staff and Postdoctoral Research Fellows may apply for borrowing rights at other academic libraries on production of an identity card or other documentation which identifies them as a member of the Academic Staff or a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at their home institution.

Masters & Doctoral research postgraduate students

Students engaged in research for a Masters or Doctors degree may apply for borrowing rights at other academic libraries on production of proof of their current enrolment as a Masters or Doctoral student and proof of their current home address and address in Canberra (where applicable).

Postgraduate coursework students & Honours students

The normal expectation is that the home institution will provide all the required materials for students engaged in postgraduate coursework or honours studies. It is recognised however that the research component of these studies may on occasions require the use of other libraries. Each request for borrowing privileges from another library will be treated on a case by case basis. Students who believe they have such a need should approach their head of school or department through their supervisor for a letter setting out why they need to borrow from the other library's collections. This letter should then be presented to the other library together with proof of current enrolment and proof of current home address and address in Canberra (where applicable). All students have access to any other library to use materials in that library without any formalities.

Undergraduate studies

Students studying Bachelors degrees, Diplomas, Associate Diplomas and Certificates are not eligible to borrow at other libraries. If a need exists for a particular item from another library then arrangements should be made through the home library. The University of Canberra is prepared to allow undergraduates from other universities to borrow from them provided that their home institution will provide an indemnity.